CoolPAK™ C2000

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CoolPAK™ C2000 is a water-clear synthetic coolant that rejects tramp oils, settles fines, provides cooling, and keeps machines clean. This versatile formula performs well on nearly all machining operations.

Application Guidelines

 - Not recommended in machine tools that rely on the splash of the coolant to lubricate the mechanical portions of the machine tool, e.g. older screw machines, etc

 - Not recommended on materials like magnesium or zirconium without special precautions

 - Product may "wash out" dirt and residues when a machine is first charged; a thorough cleaning of older machines is required when installing this product the first time.

 - The minimum recommended concentration is 5% on cast iron and 4% on steel.

 - Concentrations above 7.5% provide excellent corrosion inhibition, tool life and sump life; however, the best concentration for your operation should be determined by on site experience.

Choose CoolPAK C2000:
Low carryoff Low foam and mist
Compatible with cast iron, steels, copper alloys, and plastics
Provides corrosion inhibition on all common ferrous and nonferrous alloys
For grinding, drilling, tapping, and reaming
Very good sump life and tramp oil rejection
Low odor
Runs clean
*Replaces CoolPAK C1278

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