Great Lakes Oil Private Label

Great Lakes Oil Private Label

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Featured Product: Saftey Draw 261 AZM Drawing and Stamping Oil

$ 1,082.95
GLOC Soluble Oil 1180 EPX
GLOC-SOLUBLE OIL 1180 EPX is a heavy-duty premium soluble oil containing chlorinated extreme pressure (EP) additives and polar lubricity agents,...
$ 1,463.55
SYN 500 EDM is a synthetic hydrocarbon based electrical discharge machine fluid. This product exhibits excellent thermal and oxidation stability,...
$ 979.00
Syn EDM+
SYN EDM PLUS is a fully synthetic transparent fluorescent green dielectric fluid for electrical discharge machines. This product exhibits excellent...
$ 524.15
Tri-Purpose C
GLOC TRI-PURPOSE S is a light colored and low odor multi-purpose oil. GLOC TRI-PURPOSE S extreme pressure additives are effective...
$ 999.00
GLOC KOOL 2 Semi-Synthetic Coolant
GLOC KOOL 2 is a Heavy-Duty Semi-Synthetic High Pressure Concentrate with excellent hard water stability. GLOC-KOOL-2 was developed to reduce foam in...
$ 80.00
GLOC PGI Semi-Synthetic Coolant
GLOC-PGI Semi-Synthetic Coolant is a Semi-Synthetic Concentrate designed for use on ferrous or non-ferrous applications with excellent hard water stability. ...
$ 484.00
GLOC Premium Hydraulic Oil AW100
GLOC PREMIUM HYDRAULIC OIL AW100 represents a new chemistry in the selection of commercially available hydraulic oils. It is light...
GLOC Premium Hydraulic Oil AW32
$ 396.55 $ 76.70
GLOC Premium Hydraulic Oil AW32
GLOC Premium Hydraulic Oil AW32  are premium hydraulic fluids formulated from high quality paraffinic base oils, that meet the most severe...
$ 715.00
GLOC RP-40 WD1 is a solvent based corrosion inhibitor which is used as received to achieve long-term (6 to 12...
$ 175.00
Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)
 DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) is one of the key elements of the SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) process. It is a...
$ 1,524.62
GL-150 Chain Oil
GL-150 Chain Oil chain oil is a unique blend of the highest quality petroleum oil available today and selected synthetic...

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