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Great Lakes Oil Private Label

Great Lakes Oil Private Label


Featured Product: Saftey Draw 261 AZM Drawing and Stamping Oil

$ 111.47
GLO-521S Universal Machining Oil
GLO-521S Universal Machining Oil is a low order, chlorine free, active sulfur, low viscosity oil.  GLO-521S was designed for honing,...
$ 858.55
GLOC KUT 145 is a high quality water soluble cutting fluid for use both with ferrous and non- ferrous metals....
$ 515.90
GLOC Kut 2077 IS
GLOC KUT 2077 IS is a light colored base oil. This product is designed from select stocks that provide excellent...
$ 998.25
GLOC Kut 3049A Heavy Duty Synthetic Coolant
GLOC-KUT 3049A is a heavy duty cutting fluid with excellent hard water stability.  GLOC-KUT 3049A combines the lubricity of extreme...
$ 642.95
GLOC Kut 3089 Semi Synthetic Coolant
GLOC-KUT 3089 is a medium to heavy-duty semi-synthetic micro emulsion cutting fluid with excellent hard water stability. KUT 3089 possesses...
$ 769.45
GLOC-KUT 346 is a light colored cutting oil utilizing the latest chlorine free technology. This product contains active sulfur and...
$ 524.15
Tri-Purpose C
GLOC TRI-PURPOSE S is a light colored and low odor multi-purpose oil. GLOC TRI-PURPOSE S extreme pressure additives are effective...

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