GLOC Grind Syn Carb Clear B (w/lemon)

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Heavy Duty Biodegradable Coolant

GLOC Grind Syn Carb Clear B (w/lemon) is a biodegradable concentrate fluid with exceptional hard water stability and low foam characteristics. It rejects oil based materials, which improves machine cleanliness and coolant sump life. It contains no nitrites, phenols, chromates, active sulphur or phosphorous. GLOC Grind Syn Carb Clear B (w/lemon) has a buffered pH which provides excellent stability over wide dilution ratios resulting in higher operator acceptance. It can be used on aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel and other alloys. This heavy duty coolant is inhibited to resist cobalt leaching when using carbide-grinding wheels. Lemon scent is added for a light fragrance.

   - Formulated to inhibit corrosion when diluted to 40:1
   - Excellent for use as a standard coolant
   - Excellent chip/fines settling properties Unique tool / wheel performance
   - Low foam performance
   - Extended tool life, excellent rust protection
   - Good Bio-stability and superior resistance to rancidity
   - High degree of operator acceptance
   - Transparent (to see) in work place
   - Pleasant smelling


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