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GLOC EDM PTI OIL is a high quality electrical discharge machining oil to be used as received. It is a premium dielectric discharge fluid meeting the requirements for insulation and controlled dielectric discharge during machining operations. This outstanding product exhibits excellent resistance to oxidation and is easily filtered. Particles quickly settle out due to the low viscosity of the product. With its relatively high flash point and non-corrosive traits this product is operator accepted.


GLOC EDM PTI OIL is recommended for use in:

  • Dielectric fluid in finish-cut electrical discharge (spark erosion) machining operations.
  • Electrical discharge machining in tool and die shop, and in the manufacture of electronics, extrusions, aircraft components, hardware tools, fasteners, silverware, cutlery, jewelry, appliances, valves and regulators.
  • EDM operations where the spark discharge is fully immersed at all times. (Partial immersion involves fire/explosion hazards).
  • Grinding fluid in glass grinding operations. Not for use in “wire” EDM operations where demonized water is the appropriate fluid.

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