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Summit Industrial Products

Summit Industrial Products

$ 258.46
PGI Series
Summit PGI synthetic lubricants were designed for use in the compression of propane in refrigeration or unloading service. Available in...
$ 1,867.69
R Series (Food Grade)
Summit R Series synthetic hydrocarbon refrigeration lubricants are designed to function under severe service conditions. These fluids have a very...
$ 243.08
RAB 68
Summit RAB-68 refrigeration oil is alkylate based and formulated for use in reciprocating, rotary, and centrifugal refrigeration compressors using ammonia,...
$ 110.77
RHB Series
The RHB Series is formulated from an AB-Alkylbenzene synthetic blend and designed to function under the stringent requirements of CFCs-Chlorofluorocarbon,...
$ 784.62
RHT Series
Summit RHT Series Performance Plus oils are a highly refined, hydrotreated ammonia compressor lubricants, specially designed to function under the...
$ 93.85
Summit RHT FG-68 is a highly refined,hydrotreated ammonia compressor lubricant, specially designed to function under the stringent requirements of closed-loop...
$ 4,953.85
RPE Series
Summit's RPE Series are fully synthetic polyolester lubricants designed for use in refrigeration compressors using R-134A and other HFCs as...

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