GLOC 7000 EPX Water Soluble Coolant

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GLOC-7000 EPX is a heavy duty extreme pressure coolant free from sulfur and phosphorous additives, and has excellent hard water stability. GLOC-7000 EPX was developed with specialty additives and raw materials combined together to create one of our finest series of cutting and grinding fluids. GLOC-7000 EPX has Bio-Stable additives and anti-oxidants combined with special lubricity agents and base oils to naturally resist biological degradation. GLOC-7000 EPX is very effective on aerospace and automotive hard or soft grade aluminum and galvanic metals, which leaves a shiny surface finish. GLOC-7000 EPX is also a very universal product which enables it to easily cover a multitude of difficult machining and grinding of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

GLOC-7000 EPX was developed for any type of ferrous to non-ferrous metals, such as stainless, nickel’ vanadium, bronze, inconel, cast as well as nodular iron and tool sheets, such as FX, P20, M1, M2, H13 and C4130. The list is endless, including many other difficult to machine exotic type metals. GLOC-7000 EPX is equally recommended for large central systems, as well as for individual sumps.

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