Fastball Wipes

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FASTBALL All Purpose Wipes are designed to tackle your toughest cleaning jobs. Quickly and easily removes dirt, grease and grime that other cleaning solutions can’t. Inside, outside, on the job or on the go, grab a bucket of Fastball All Purpose Wipes!

300 wipes in each bucket

  • Ready-to-use convenience. No measuring or mixing required-- just wipe.
  • Removes dirt, grease, oily films, fingerprints, crayons, ink, pencil marks, smoke film, ect.
  • Use on painted surfaces, walls, floors, counters, vinyl, office equipment, utensils, range hoods, truck exterior and interior, fiberglass, aluminum and many other washable surfaces.
  • Use on carpet as a spot cleaner.
  • Will not "etch" or streak glass, aluminum, stainless.
  • Fast Acting -- Free Rinsing

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