GLOC Hy-Way 32

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GLOC Hy-Way 32 oil is a premium dual purpose hydraulic and slide way lubricating oil. It is a highly refined lubricating oil formulated and designed to provide optimum slip/stick characteristics to machine tools requiring a tacky, non-corrosive, EP fortified product. A light colored and low odor oil, it represents a new chemistry in the selection of commercially available oils. Carefully balanced anti-wear chemistry helps extend equipment life. Contains rust and oxidation inhibitor properties to help keep systems clean and free of sludge deposits.

   - Excellent anti-wear protection.
   - Superior oxidation stability.
   - Corrosion, rust and oxidation protection.
   - Chatter-free carriage operation.
   - Excellent adhesion to the metals.
   - Effective control of wear.
   - Reduction of oil leakage.
   - High film strength.
   - Resistance to water wash-off and emulsification to reduce coolant contamination



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