Rubber Armor Jacket (Orange)

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Adding a Rubber Armor Jacket to a Palm Abbe refractometer increases its durability and provides a better grip. Made of high-grade silicone rubber, the Rubber Armor Jacket is custom fit and will help protect your Palm Abbe from minor bumps and scratches.

Custom contoured bumpers provide a soft, firm grip while also adding additional shock protection. The Rubber Armor Jacket is soft to the touch and fits the Palm Abbe like a glove. It is easily slid over the refractometer and does not have to be removed before use.

The durable jacket is tear and chemical resistant and weighs only 1.8 0z. (51 grams). There is even a hole on top for a carabiner (included) so that you can hang the Palm Abbe refractometer from your belt loop. The form-fitting Rubber Armor Jacket fits the Palm Abbe PA201 series instruments and currently only available in orange.

Although, the Rubber Armor Jacket is not guaranteed to completely protect your instrument from damage due to all shocks and impacts, it does provide an additional layer of protection and provides a better grip to help you avoid dropping it in the first place.

*Misco Palm Abbe Refractometer is NOT included*

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