SMASH Degreaser

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SMASH is far more effective and economical than other degreasers on the market today. The revolutionary blend of surfactants, detergents, and water soluble solvents gives new meaning to the term "all purpose cleaner/degreaser". Emulsifies the toughest, most stubborn, greasy solids faster than the best "butyl" based products available. Designed especially for the hardest cleaning jobs you will encounter. Its unique ability to hold soils in suspension after emulsification makes it rinse much easier than conventional degreaser formulas.

  • Superior "non-butyl" formula is completely water soluble. Easily mixed by hand or automatic metering systems.
  • Unique soil suspension property guarantees easy rinsability. Leaves no film when job is finished.
  • Nonflammable. Contains no petroleum distillates. 
  • Highly concentrated. Use at dilutions from 1:1 to 1:128 with water depending on soil conditions.
  • Lemon scented. Gives pleasant fresh fragrance during use. 

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