Valvoline™ ZEREX™ HD Nitrite-Free Extended Life Antifreeze Coolant, Red

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Valvoline ZEREX Heavy Duty Nitrite Free Extended Life Antifreeze Coolant RED incorporates organic acid technology to protect diesel engines from liner pitting and hard water scale deposits. The silicate and nitrite free extended life chemistry protects all cooling system metals from corrosion including aluminum. ZEREX HD Nitrite Free ELC can also be used in gasoline engines, stationary power, marine, natural gas and light duty applications. ZEREX HD Nitrite Free ELC provides up to 6 years / 600,000 miles / 12,000 hours of service without the need for extenders due to non-depleting organic acid technology. It is backward compatible for all cooling systems using OAT coolants. ZEREX HD Nitrite Free ELC offers enhanced protection for aluminum cooling system components. A 50% to 70% concentration range is suggested for optimum performance. ZEREX HD Nitrite Free ELC is compatible with major long life and conventional brands of ethylene glycol-based coolant. However, long life characteristics may be diminished by mixing with light duty or conventional fully formulated coolants. Applications requiring a water filter should use blank filters (without SCA/DCA) and follow engine manufacturers filter change guidelines. Valvoline recommends filling and always topping off ZEREX HD Nitrite Free ELC. Keep the cooling system full and check concentration or freeze point regularly.

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