GLOC Transokut CF-135

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GLOC TRANSOKUT CF-135 is a light-colored cutting oil utilizing the latest chlorine free technology. This product contains active sulfur and is designed for use on ferrous applications calling for an extreme pressure (EP) cutting oil. GLOC TRANSOKUT CF-135 contains a mist inhibitor to minimize oil mist and a low smoke lubricity additive to improve the work area atmosphere. Designed for use in moderate to severe machining operations.

Light transparent color and low odor properties.
Excellent lubricity and extreme pressure properties.
Chip-to-tool welding (build-up edge) minimization.
Increased tool life.
Closer tolerances.
Corrosion/rust protection of parts and machine.
Twice the mist inhibitor compared to other Transokut products.
Low-smoke Lubricity additive.

GLOC TRANSOKUT CF-135 is designed for machining operations ranging from moderate to severe that generally requires heavily fortified cutting oil. The cutting oil functions to lubricate the chip-tool interface to reduce frictional heat, prevent welding of metal to the tool point, minimize tool wear, and reduce power consumption. Under conditions of high temperatures and pressures, the additive system in the cutting oil chemically reacts with the metal surface at the chip-tool interface to form compounds which inhibit welding and lowering frictional forces. This results in less heat generation, reduction in build-up edge on the tool, and higher machining speeds.

*This product may stain Yellow Metals.



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