GLOC Transokut 2018

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GLOC Transokut 2018 contains active sulfur and is designed for use on ferrous applications calling for an extreme pressure (EP) cutting oil. It's a transparent, heave duty, multi-purpose cutting and machine oil. GLOC Transokut 2018 is formulated from severely hydro treated mineral oil combined with an extreme pressure, anti-weld and lubricity additive package. This well balanced blend of active sulfur, chlorine and fatty materials provides EP and anti-weld characteristics along with very high film strength and improved lubricity. This versatile fluid is designed to perform satisfactorily in a wide range of cutting and machining operations.

   - Versatile cutting oil for a wide range of applications
   - Excellent EP and anti-weld properties
   - Chip-to-tool welding (build-up edge) minimization
   - High film strength characteristics
   - Closer tolerances and increased tool life
   - Superior wetting properties
   - Corrosion/rust protection of parts and machine
   - Low smoke/mist tendencies
   - Lighter in color for better operator acceptance

GLOC Transokut 2018 is recommended for most metal machining operations, including thread grinding, tapping, turning, and cutting. It's an excellent universal cutting oil for all ferrous metals, from free machining metals up to difficult machining high alloy steels. It also provides better surface finishes, greater dimensional accuracy and extended tool life.

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